Sources of the Federal Government and Employee Information — International Bridge Administration and the Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Authority

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General Information


The Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Authority’s predecessor, the St. Mary’s River Bridge Company, was established in 1955 as a statutory not-for-profit organization. In 2000, The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) acquired a 90.7% ownership interest in St. Mary’s River Bridge Company (SMRBC), which owned the Canadian portion of the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge (Bridge) for 2$ from the International Bridge Authority, the predecessor of the International Bridge Administration (IBA), the U.S. government agency that operates the crossing.

IBA reports to a joint international board of directors, the Sault Ste Marie Bridge Authority (SSMBA).  In September 2009, FBCL acquired all of the remaining outstanding shares of SMRBC so that SMRBC then became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FBCL. A new international agreement between the owners of the bridge, SMRBC and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), came into effect in June 2009. On July 18, 2008, SMRBC was continued under the Canada Business Corporations Act from which SMRBC derives its borrowing authority. The SMRBA later evolved into the Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Authority (SSMBA). The SSMBA is the owner of the Canadian portion of the Bridge and roadway.

The crossing consists of the arched truss Bridge and the interconnecting roadway and toll plaza. It links the twin cities of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. The crossing accommodates single lane traffic in both north and south directions.

Tolls cover operating, maintenance, most capital and Board expenses. Major capital projects are funded by the government.

SSMBA objectives are to: maintain safe and efficient bridge structure, achieve financial viability sufficient to maintain safe bridge structure and manage major bridge projects successfully.


The head office of SSMBA is located in Ottawa, Ontario. The crossing is managed by the U.S. agency IBA, with oversight by SSMBA.

Institutional Functions, Programs, and Activities

A nine-member board of directors governs SSMBA. Its members are appointed by FBCL’s Board of Directors.  The joint owners of the Bridge (FBCL and MDOT) each nominate four directors to the SSMBA in accordance with the bi-national agreement. One from each country is elected Chair and Vice-Chair, with the chair alternating between Canada & the U.S.

IBA, a U.S. agency under MDOT, is the Bridge operator, reporting to the SSMBA and is in charge of operations, toll system, and access control to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicle traffic.

IBA is in charge of regular maintenance on the Bridge and tolling system. SSMBA is responsible for major works on the Canadian portion of the Bridge, in collaboration with IBA. International capital projects are made through SSMBAor FBCL, in collaboration with IBA.

Corporate Services

SSMBA has no employees, but the board of directors of SSMBA has appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Vice-President, Engineering and Construction, of FBCL as officers of SSMBA.  All administrative functions are managed through FBCL’s head office.

Finance and Accounting Services

Oversee the integrity of the SSMBA’s financial statements and report to the board of directors of SSMBA on the financial performance of the organization. Manages SSMBA’s treasury portfolio; administers the daily cash flow and project funding requirements; initiate investments for short and long-term needs. Plans and coordinates SSMBA’s budget process and provide input into the Corporate Plan and Annual Report.

Engineering and Construction

This service is in charge of realizing engineering studies, overseeing to the conception of plans and term of references, putting out call for tenders, managing construction projects related to Bridge rehabilitation of the Canadian portion of the bridge and roadAdministrative Services

These services include administrative support, legal counsel, real property management, archives and risk management, and they are provided by the head office of FBCL.

Administrative Services

These services include administrative support, legal counsel, real property management, archives and risk management, and they are provided by the head office of FBCL.

Information Holdings

Standard Classes of Records and Related Standard Personal Information Banks

Classes of Personal Information

Administrative documents of general order
During the administration of the activities of SSMBA, different categories of information are accumulated, for example, General Correspondence, Complaints, Professional Service Offers, Legal Documents, Agreements, By-laws and Minutes, etc. Subject generally files the information. The retention period of the documents follows the retention schedule established by SSMBA.

Additional Information

Please see the Introduction to this publication for information on access procedures under the provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Each request made to SSMBA under the Access to Information Act must be accompanied by an application fee of $5.00, cheque or money order made payable to The Federal Bridge Company Limited.

For additional information about the programs and activities of SSMBA, please contact:

Jacques E. Pigeon, Q.C.

Access and Privacy Coordinator

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Telephone: 613 366-5074

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