Sault Ste. Marie
Canadian Plaza Redevelopment

This $51.6M project is financed through the Government of Canada’s Gateways and Border Crossings Fund. The scope of work comprised the expansion and redesign of the existing Canadian Plaza and its environs. The project has been managed in two distinct phases.

  • The first phase, completed in the fall of 2015,  was the expansion of the site infrastructure, the widening of the bridge’s north access ramp, the construction of a new Duty Free shop, and new maintenance garage.
  • The second phase, substantially completed in December of 2017,  involved constructing a new CBSA traffic and commercial building and the addition of new and replacement of existing primary inspection lanes, which included the provision of Nexus and tour buses.

The official opening of the new facilities occurred in August of 2018.


Blue Water Bridge
Emergency Return Road

The $2.7M construction of the Emergency Return Road is identified as a project in the 2016 Master Plan Update (2017-2019). The purpose is to provide safety and efficiency improvements for the Blue Water Bridge. The scope of work consists of the demolition of 4 residential properties, archeological mitigation, construction of a ramp and retaining wall, a traffic control gate system, and security camera installation.

With the design phase completed and geotechnical recommendations accepted, the construction contract was awarded in October 2017. The project is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2019.


New North Channel Bridge Project

This $74.8M project involved the construction of the new low-level North Channel Bridge, to replace the deteriorating high-level North Channel Bridge of the Seaway International Bridge and related infrastructure improvements.

This project was undertaken through the following phases:

  • Contract 1:  Construction of the new in-water piers;
  • Contract 2:  Construction of the new low-level bridge, toll facilities and approaches;
  • Contract 3:  Demolition of the high-level bridge;
  • Contract 4A:  Realignment of the northern portion of International Road on Cornwall Island;
  • Contract 4B:  Reconstruction of Brookdale Avenue in City of Cornwall;
  • Contract 4C:  Construction of the lookout at Pier 3S.

The new bridge and toll facilities were opened to traffic in January 2014. FBCL also delivered project and construction management services for both the temporary and interim Canadian Border Services Agency Ports of Entry on CBSA’s behalf. The project was completed in March 2018.

Contract 5 is a $4M project which involved the reconstruction of the southern portion of International Road with buried drainage system, addition of turning lanes to local businesses and residents, construction of a local service road, installation of new roadway lighting and of a new set of traffic lights at the main intersection, as well as repaving of the recreation area.

The design of the roadway reconstruction was based on the Environmental Assessment completed by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA), which included several community consultations.

The project was in December 2018.


Thousand Islands
Lansdowne Port of Entry (POE) CBSA Facility Redevelopment Project

This $60M project involved the full modernization and redevelopment of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) facility at Thousand Islands.

This project was undertaken through the following phases:

  • Rock Excavation – completed in October 2015;
  • Utility & Service Building – completed in July 2016 and included:
    Construction of a small utility & service building incorporating power and communication distribution, maintenance and storage;
  • Main Contract – Phase One was completed in June 2017 and included:
    • Demolition of the current primary inspection lanes, main CBSA traffic and commercial buildings;
    • Construction of  new primary inspection lanes, an integrated traffic and commercial building and ancillary operational spaces;
    • New infrastructure including water, sewer, hydro and communications;
  • Main Contract - Phase Two was completed in November 2017 and included:
    • Construction of the emaining new traffic primary inspection lanes;
    • Construction of the staff parking lot.