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OTTAWA, January 13, 2020 – The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) is pleased to announce the renewal of its ten-year operating agreement with Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (TIBA). Last renewed in 2010, this is a multi-generational agreement first established in 1976 that enables the management and operation of joint bridge assets owned by Canada and the United States. Both parties formally executed the agreement on December 20, 2019 at TIBA offices in Collins Landing, NY.

FBCL is a Government of Canada Crown corporation while TIBA operates as a New York State Public Benefit Corporation. The operations of the Thousand Islands bridge systems are shared under this joint agreement. In addition to the terms and conditions of the international agreement, oversight is provided by TIBA’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of four US and three Canadian citizens appointed by the Jefferson County, New York Board of Legislators.

The agreement addresses many topics pertaining to bridge operations, management, standards, toll rates, capital improvements, safety, security, and regional promotion.

Natalie Kinloch, FBCL Chief Executive Officer said, “FBCL’s long-standing agreement with TIBA is founded on common objectives and decades of bi-national friendship. FBCL is pleased that it will prevail for another. TIBA’s continued diligent administration of the bridge and its facilities will ensure stability and consistency in its operations, providing lasting value in the public interest and to all of its users.”

FBCL owns, manages and operates international bridges and associated structures in Sault Ste. Marie, Point Edward, Lansdowne (Thousand Islands) and Cornwall, Ontario. FBCL’s mandate is to provide the highest level of stewardship so that its international bridges and associated structures are safe and efficient for users.