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OTTAWA, February 18, 2020 – The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) is pleased to announce the deployment of its first two high-capacity electric vehicle charging stations. The units are conveniently located near the Duty Free Stores at the Thousand Islands International Bridge (Lansdowne, Ontario) and at the Blue Water Bridge (Point Edward, Ontario).

FBCL Chief Executive Officer Natalie Kinloch recognized that “the crossing of international borders and the unpredictability that could potentially be encountered add an additional complexity, anxiety and possible barrier to travel for drivers of electric cars. Within the context of our own green initiatives, by easing the crossing for electric vehicles, FBCL is proud to support of the Government of Canada’s stated priority to provide a clean environment in tandem with building a strong economy. Our rapid, DC Fast 25 kW chargers allow drivers to get back on the road quickly and our units offer support for multiple connector types. When it comes to electric vehicles, FBCL is an enabler.”

Given that FBCL bridges are transit points rather than travel destinations, the deployment of high capacity chargers was deemed an essential attribute for the efficient movement of electric vehicles. The FBCL high capacity 25 kW chargers facilitate typical large power boosts in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the vehicle. For the added convenience of users, FBCL’s initial electric vehicle charging stations will be located near Duty Free Stores so that travellers may take advantage of the stores while they top up their batteries.

FBCL’s electric vehicle charging stations support both CCS and CHAdeMO connection charging adapters allowing for all existing types of electric vehicles that accept DC Fast charging to benefit from these installations either directly or with a commonly available, user supplied adapter.

The launch of these two charging stations is the first stage of a pilot program that may be expanded to offer additional stations and support other FBCL locations, based on market demand. This initiative is just another example of how FBCL is a responsible steward of the environment, having already received a LEED Silver certification of the Blue Water Bridge Corporate Centre.

FBCL owns, manages and operates international bridges and associated structures in Sault Ste. Marie, Point Edward, Lansdowne (Thousand Islands) and Cornwall, Ontario. FBCL’s mandate is to provide the highest level of stewardship so that its international bridges and associated structures are safe and efficient for users.